Who are we?

We're nerds. Specifically, we're Kam, Eric, Drew & more! (we'll explain the '& more' down below). So that's that.  

What's a Nerd Chronic?

I know, right? Well, what we'd like it to be is an interactive community, and not interactive in the really cool sense like an interactive video game, but in the old sense where people chat with one another about their common (nerdy) interests... also, we'll probably talk about interactive video games, cause those are sick. Anyway, pull up a chair, grab your favorite headphones, and listen to us discuss all of your favorite topics. And to answer your initial question, what's a Nerd Chronic, it was just something we thought sounded cool and no one owned the domain. Aren't you glad you asked? 

Wondering what you can
expect from us?

We made this to just be a place for us nerdy idiots to talk and create the things we want to talk about and create, and then share them with you all.

Mostly we're doing Podcasts right now with plans to do more fun stuff in the future. Now, if you're wondering who you're listening to, the hosts of the NerdChronic: NerdCast are Kamran, Eric and Andrew, and we're regularly joined by our pals, Jorge and Joe. Also, in the future we'll have other guests, some special, some not so special. You be the judge!